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• Light Rack with Metal Table • Light Rack with Wooden Top • Tube Traverse Light Rack • 3-Legged Storage Rack

• Lightweight Rack Storage Shelving: Businesses Efficient Storage Solutions for Today's Businesses have become one of the cornerstones of success. Effectively storing storage expenditures is essential to limit work schedules and minimize time loss. Warehouse racking and lightweight shelving systems are the perfect solution to these needs.
Warehouse racks are systems that provide storage centers to maintain storage environments in an orderly manner. They are often used to save space in warehouses and storage areas and to easily find and access products. Warehouse racks are available in various equipment and materials depending on the weight and storage requirements.
• Light Rack Leg (Storage Rack Leg) Dimensions: Genişlik : 40cm - 50cm - 60cm - 70cm - 80 cm
Yükseklik : 200cm - 250cm - 300cm - 350cm - 400cm
• Lightweight Storage Rack Traverse Dimensions: 60cm - 90cm - 120cm - 150cm - 180cm - 200cm
• Light Rack Table (Storage Shelf Table) Dimensions:30x40cm - 30x50cm - 30x60cm - 30x70cm - 30x80cm
• Light Shelf Colors:White color is standard for the product. It can be made in Black, Anthracite, Red, Blue and Orange colors for special orders.

• Warehouse Rack Hafif rack depo rafları orta ölçekli ürünlerin depolanmasında kullanılan en ideal raf sistemleridir.
It provides an economical and practical solution in storage.
It is the biggest advantage of being portable and completing the assembly of the parts as plug-in.
It is produced in height, width and desired colors in accordance with the needs of the customer.
Thanks to its ease of use and structure that provides order, it is the most preferred economical product in storage.
• Light Rack Mounting: The assembly system of the products is a plug-in system. It can be easily installed without the need for screwing or any hardware.
Traverses are placed on the product legs from the nails, taking into account the desired shelf space size, and the tables are placed between the sleepers. Thanks to the (special b type) profile used in the products, the tables do not slip and fall.
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