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• Channel Panel Systems • Telephone Accessories Shelf • Underwear (Laundry) Shelf • Jewelry Accessory Shelf • Market Store Wall Column Coating • Middle Stand • Shoe Shelf

• Channel Panel - Slatwall : Slatwall Systems are systems produced by opening channels on the chipboard or mdf panel surface and mounting aluminum channels. Channel spacings are sized according to customer requests.

• Slatwall Color Options: It is produced in Standard Color White and Black. Production is also made in the desired colors according to the customer's request.

• Slatwall Panel Usage Areas: It is produced as wall and column coverings, medium rotating stands, middle section heads. The market can be shaped for any area that our store customers need.

• Slatwall Panel Accessories: Hanger hooks, Walking sticks, custom shaped hooks, Hat Holders, Columns, Wooden shelf supports, D Rail, Shoe racks, Shirt Racks and more...
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